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Audit and Accounts for April 2023 to March 2024

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Aldeby Precept form 23 24.pdf12 January 2023672kB
APC accounting Statement 23 24.pdf24 May 2024589kB
APC Annual Governance 23 24.pdf24 May 2024615kB
APC Bank Reconciliation.pdf24 May 2024236kB
APC Exemption Certificate 23 24.pdf24 May 2024688kB
APC Explanation of variances.pdf24 May 2024136kB
CiLCA Certificate.pdf24 May 2024225kB
Exercise of Electors Rights 23 24.pdf24 May 2024439kB
Parish CIL Annual Report Income Expenditure sheet 1 Apr 2023.pdf10 April 2024115kB
Payments over 100.pdf24 May 2024265kB

Accounts and Audit 2023

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
AGAR Accounting Statement 22 23.pdf23 May 2023596kB
AGAR Annual Governance 22 23.pdf23 May 2023601kB
AGAR Exemption Certificate 22 23.pdf23 May 2023677kB
AGAR Internal Audit Report 22 23.pdf23 May 2023726kB
Aldeby Parish CIL Annual Report Income Expenditure sheet 1 A.pdf13 November 2023112kB
Asset register 22 23.pdf23 May 2023186kB
Bank Reconciliation 2023 03 31.pdf23 May 2023130kB
Period of exercise of public rights 22 23.pdf23 May 2023112kB
transactions over 100.pdf23 May 2023137kB

Finance and Audit 2022

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
agar exemption certificate.pdf21 September 2022450kB
agar internal audit report.pdf21 September 2022487kB
Cil 21 22 revised.pdf22 February 2023147kB
notice of electors rights.pdf21 September 2022142kB
payments over 100.pdf21 September 2022167kB
section 1 annual governance review.pdf21 September 2022419kB
section 2 accounting statement.pdf21 September 2022403kB

Finance and Audit 2021

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2020 21 budget plan.pdf21 September 2022178kB
agar.pdf21 September 20221.52MB
aldeby cil annual report 1st april 2020 31st march 2021.pdf21 September 2022140kB
bank rec.pdf21 September 2022252kB
explanation of variances proforma 2.pdf21 September 2022127kB
final report 2.pdf21 September 2022153kB
final report.pdf21 September 2022162kB
notice of public rights.pdf21 September 2022209kB
reserves.pdf21 September 2022110kB